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Fire Department Mobile Apps has solutions for fire dea


Fit App Network mobile apps and mobile websites provide a feature rich set of tools that lead the fitness industry to help the Fitness Professional manage their business and stay connected with clients like never before.


The apps include the following features:

  • Push notifications- send app based push notifications to inspire, motivate, remind and train.
  • Group Push Notifications – the ability for your clients to subscribe to just the notifications they want
  • Integrations to Mind Body and more than 150 shopping carts
  • Collect Payments
  • Sell your own information products 
  • Sell any third party products
  • Training tips
  • Calendars and schedules
  • Integrations to all Social Media sites
  • Work out tracking
  • All media types: audio, text and video
  • Nutrition tabs
  • In App Camera
  • Photo Gallery
  • Location Based Sponsor tabs
  • Integrate to nearly any website
  • Customized in your brand
  • Many more


Fit App Network mobile apps will take your fitness business to a whole new level of effectiveness and create a whole new level of loyaltyand referrals. We don’t have to tell you that getting your clients to the workouts is the biggest challenge and push notifications will take to another level. The more you can help the your clients, the more effective you will be and more money you will make.


Thanks to text messaging, email notifications and voicemail message notifications, it’s now become human behavior for people to check their app when the little red number appears on the icon or the notification splashes across the screen. Push notifications allow you to stay connected 24/7.


Use Push Notifications to:


  • Remind
  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Sell Products
  • Make more money



Fit App Network mobile apps will flat out allow you to make more money. The more effective your training is, the more referrals you will get and the demand for your services will go through the roof. In addition to growing your business, you can then monetize that client base buy selling them products they will purchase as being a part of your training. Think of the possibilities to get a commission from the sale of items from supplements, to apparel to any kind of sports equipment.   The Fit Apps Mobile Platform makes it so you can:


  • Collect Payments right from the app
  • Sell in app training or knowledge solutions
  • Sell third party products
  • Sell sponsorships in your app
  • Participate in our local, region and international sponsorship programs

Our mobile solutions make it so you can create a customer following that will stay with you for the lifespan of your business.

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